What I do that is Above what other agents do!


1.     Assess your home or property with current sold comps in the area and how you can make minor repairs, improvements, or just declutter to get the best price in this Market.

2.     Listen to your needs and concerns, where are you going?, are you buying another home?, do you need help with preparation of the property such as garbage removal or painting walls?  One of my recent contacts can repair or remodel and accept payment at close of Escrow, ask about the details of this service.  I have expertise in solving these and many other problems before they become an issue for you and the sale of your home.

3.   If your property needs staging or needs extra advertising in all types of media, then that is what I will do for you to sell as fast as possible.  This includes pricing right and adjusting if it warrants that.  I love doing Open Houses but not all houses need that to sell in this Market.

4.   Real people skills to handle any issues that effect the Escrow or sales of your property.  I have gone to the Assessor’s office and had them fix inaccurate records, held my clients hands during stressful negotiations and gone with almost every client to their Closings where I have found errors that could have costs my clients a great deal of money if not found and corrected at that last chance in the Escrow.

5.   Follow up after the Sale.  I have even picked up a washing machine that was the other agent’s client and taken it in for repairs 2 months after the close of escrow.  Why?  Because it was the right thing to do and Thankfully, I was able to do it!



1.     Start them off right with lenders that have the right loans available for their purchase.  In

some cases, I have waited for their credit scores to improve and advised them to keep going, which may take a year to accomplish but well worth their effects to own a home.

2.     Understanding and informing them of what is available to purchase and the fight to make an offer that will be accepted by the Sellers.  Taking them from neighborhood to neighborhood, house to house and usually making many offers before one is accepted.

3.     Not giving false hope but real time truths of where their deal is in the lengthy process of discovery, lending requirements, unexpected delays, their own doubts, and paperwork.

4.     Making sure that they are ready to close escrow and make the move from one place into their new home.  Checking the progress right up to the signing and recording of Escrow. 

5.     Personally, giving them their keys and if they would like, I will host a House Warming Party to invite their friends and new neighbors to meet them.